Exploring Messy Play with Less Mess

Playing means a lot of mess, I know we can all agree as parents. But how can we take that away from our kids when we know they enjoy it and they learn a lot of things from it, right? In today’s blog, we want to take you on a journey into the exciting world…

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Exploring Messy Play with Less Mess

A little girl enjoying messy play with mud, placing mud in a toy wheel borrow.

Playing means a lot of mess, I know we can all agree as parents. But how can we take that away from our kids when we know they enjoy it and they learn a lot of things from it, right?

In today’s blog, we want to take you on a journey into the exciting world of messy play. Messy play is not just about making a mess; it’s a valuable educational experience for children. Discover how messy play can benefit their development and learn some tips for a cleaner experience. 

The Benefits of Messy Play


Messy play is not just about making a mess; it’s an essential part of a child’s development. Here are a few reasons why messy play is beneficial:

  • Sensory Development:

    Engaging in messy play allows children to explore different textures, smells, and sensations, which stimulates their senses and enhances their sensory development.

  • Creativity and Imagination:

    Messy play offers endless opportunities for children to use their imagination and tap into their creative side. Whether it’s finger painting or moulding shapes with clay, messy play encourages children to think outside the box.

  • Cognitive Skills:

    Playing with messy materials fosters problem-solving skills as children experiment, make decisions, and learn to adapt their play to achieve desired outcomes.

Little Brian Face Paint, Felt Creations - Fun in the Sun, and Jar Melo Washable Crayons. A little boy showing his paint stained finger due to messy play, to his mother.

Choosing the Right Messy Play Materials

When it comes to messy play, it’s important to select materials that are safe, eco-friendly, and easy to clean. At Our Past Times, we stock a wide range of toys and materials that are perfect for messy play. Here are a few examples:

  • Little Brian Face Paints: Your kids will surely love these! Feed their imagination and creativity with wonders with these non-toxic face paints where they can be whoever or whatever they want to be where they can enjoy a fun, clean and mess free way of face painting.
  • Felt Creations – Fun in the Sun: Create a magical world with Felt Creations. Stick the felt pieces on the board and rearrange them anytime. It’s non-messy and endless fun. Collect different sets to tell infinite stories.
  • Jar Melo Washable Crayons: These are great as they can be wiped off non-porous surfaces, taking all the stress out of letting little ones loose with crayons.

Tips for Messy Play with Less Mess

While messy play is all about embracing the mess, we understand that sometimes you would like a little less chaos. Here are some tips to enjoy messy play with less mess:

  • Set the Stage: Prepare a designated messy play area, such as a drop cloth or a plastic tablecloth, to contain any spills or messes.
  • Aprons and Smocks: Outfit your child in an apron or smock to protect their clothes from stains and splatters.
  • Cleaning Supplies on Hand: Keep a bowl of warm soapy water and some towels nearby for quick clean-ups during and after playtime.
  • Involve the Outdoors: If weather permits, take messy play outdoors to minimise the mess indoors. Playing in the backyard or at the park allows children to fully immerse themselves in the experience without worrying about spills on carpets or furniture.

Little boy doing messy play with paint. A little girl showing her paint stained hands together with 2 little boys can be seen in blurred background.

Watch out for Our Past Time’s new product that can be included in your kids’ messy play time; Magic Canvas! Your kids will truly love this. No mess, no paint needed. The Magic Canvas lets kids paint with just water. Easy to set up and clean, it’s durable, reusable, and made with natural materials. Dries quickly and comes with a storage bag. Use clean brushes for the best results.

Messy play is an integral part of a child’s development. At Our Past Times, we believe that getting a little messy is all part of the fun. We understand the importance of play in a child’s development and strive to provide educational, safe, and fun toys. Embrace the mess with less stress by following our tips and creating a designated messy play area. Visit our website today and let your child unleash their creativity through messy play!

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