Wooden Toys

Wooden Toys to Stimulate Children’s Development

As a parent or grandparent, nothing is as rewarding as watching your little ones have fun and enjoy themselves. You can make sure that the fun encourages them to learn while developing their minds and bodies. At the Our Past Times toy store, you will find a wonderful range of kids’ wooden toys and games that do just that. We mainly stock items that do not need batteries or screen time that allow children to use their hands and engage with the toys as well as their playmates.

We all know the importance of early socialisation and strengthening fine motor skills. We have a range of wooden toys, blocks, board games, puzzles, pull toys, and so much more that will excite you as much as the lucky recipients.

How This Magical Store Came into Being

When the owner of Our Past Times became a grandmother and started babysitting her grandchildren, she questioned the quality of their playthings. She understood the value of toys that would stimulate them and help them develop their minds and bodies, but she was not happy with what was available. That is how this unique toy store came into being.

  • Once the initial idea took hold, she researched and sourced items. A visit to the Melbourne Toy Fair in 2017 got the ball rolling.
  • When the store officially opened in September 2017, it was a realisation of a dream—and that is a passion that still drives us.
  • We are constantly on the lookout for new or traditional toys that meet our exacting standards, so we refresh our range regularly. If you remember a toy from your childhood, let us know, and we will do our best to source it.

A Range to Blow You Away

With literally thousands of items available, we cater to everyone at our store. Babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers, school-going children, teenagers, and even adults will find something that will suit them.

  • The Ugears range consists of model kits to make vehicles, trains, boxes or even a working clock , all without the use of glue, special tools or the need for batteries to work. Made from environmentally friendly wood, these kits will keep children busy for hours.
  • The Collecta range of animals is highly detailed and lifelike. Not only will they stimulate the imagination, but they will also help teach young ones the names of different breeds of animals.
  • A puzzle will help children develop their fine motor and visualisation skills and give them a strong sense of achievement when they complete the picture. We have traditional flat puzzles, floor puzzles, and 3D options in a variety of interest sets.

A Special Toy for Every Celebration and Occasion

Don’t let the stress of finding special items for an upcoming birthday or Christmas become overwhelming. Find unusual wooden toys for kids as well as music boxes and soft toys that are worth far more than their monetary value as you discover the long-term benefits of toys that stimulate as well as entertain. Visit our online store today and see how easy it is to order and receive delivery.

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