Bath Time Toys

Fun and Functional Bath Time Toys for Your Little Ones

When you need bath time toys, Our Past Times should be your first choice. We take great pride in stocking a wide range of toys that do not require batteries or screens to keep your kids stimulated and entertained.

What You Can Expect from Our Past Times Regarding the Best Bath Toys for Pre-schoolers

Part of our mission is to provide wonderful kids and baby toys that do not require batteries or screens.

  • We have noticed how many plastic toys are on the market, and these are simply not built to last or environmentally friendly.
  • We want your children to enjoy simple and straightforward playtime with well-built toys, without the need to constantly be entertained by bright flashing lights or noises. For example, our Kaper Kidz water canoe provides entertainment for boys and girls alike – they simply pull the string, and the canoe moves around the bath.
  • Our bath sticker range includes numbers, letters, fancy dress, unicorns, and silly faces. These stickers will keep your kids busy for ages while encouraging them to use their imaginations. They will be learning at the same time.

Benefits of Bath Time Sensory Toys

Bath time is naturally a sensory stimulatory time for all kids, and some cope better than others. There are numerous advantages to enjoy when your kids start playing with bath time sensory toys.

  • Firstly, children learn when they play. This is as true for playing in the bath as it is for playing at any other time or in any other space. Your children will also learn to be more confident in the water – a bath is far less intimidating than a large swimming pool.
  • In addition, you can also teach your kids about different shapes, objects, and colours, using toys such as our range of bath time stickers. If you allow them to splash their toys in the bath and squeeze water out of them, your kids will also be honing their motor skills.
  • Many children struggle with transitioning, whether from playtime to dinner time or bath time to bedtime. Working on a bath time routine, where your kids help you to pack away their bath time toys and let the water out of the bath, will help your children to learn that this is what happens before bedtime. They will begin to understand that this is a natural progression, which means less arguing about going to bed after they have bathed.

About Our Past Times

We were established in 2017 after our founder grew frustrated with being unable to find good-quality toys for her own grandchildren that weren’t made of cheap plastic and battery-operated. Whether you want the best bath toys for pre-schoolers, puzzles, card games, or other activities, we have an incredible selection.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or if you need help sourcing a specific toy. We look forward to hearing from you.

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