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In early childhood, your little one is like a sponge, absorbing all the knowledge they can from the world around them, and as a parent, it’s essential to take advantage of this time in their lives to promote learning. Mathematics is a subject your child will probably take with them throughout their schooling years. By promoting numeracy learning as a preschooler, you’ll give your child an advantage over their peers and make working with numbers fun. When a child learns while they play, there is a higher chance of them absorbing the concept of what they’re learning making mathematics easier for them to grasp throughout their school careers. There is a multitude of numeracy games available nowadays for you to choose from for children who are young and in preschool.

At Our Past Times, we understand the need for learning to be fun, which is why we stock number games so that you can find the right one to suit your child’s personality.

Benefits of Numeracy Games for Preschoolers

Numeracy games for preschoolers give your child the vital knowledge of how to problem solve from an early age, which will also boost their self-confidence when it comes to solving future problems. There are many benefits your child can gain while the play and learn about numbers simultaneously. Here are some reasons why you should consider investing in number games for your little one.

  • No fear. Some parts of mathematics can be quite difficult for children to grasp, making them afraid of this subject. Teaching your child maths early in their lives can make this subject less scary, boosting their confidence.
  • Strategic thinking. Numeracy games teach your child about the concept of maths and teach them how to solve a problem. They can apply this trait in their everyday lives, not just in maths.
  • Prepares for their future. Many of the highest paying jobs either involve using maths or require high maths grades in your high school career. Learning maths from preschool allows children to grasp the concepts early, making future maths problems easier to solve.

Which Numeracy Games for Preschoolers Work Best

There is no shortage of numeracy games available nowadays for young children. The problem comes in when parents aren’t sure which games are best suited for their preschoolers. While you may want to buy more advanced games, it’s always better to start with simple maths games to build their confidence with numbers. Here are a few games to get them started.

  • The abacus. The abacus is probably the most common maths game when it comes to preschool children. On it, they learn how to count, subtract, divide, and even multiply.
  • Play money. Working with money is always a fun way for children to learn maths, and if you teach them well, they can also learn about the value of money. Playing games such as Pocket Money with them will assist them with learning mathematics.
  • Number puzzles. Number puzzles may be the easiest way for younger children first to recognise the different numbers and which order they go in; these are the fundamentals of learning maths.

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