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Bring the Family Together with Board Games

Are you looking for a way to connect better with your loved ones? Playing board games in the evening is ideal for keeping the entire family entertained for hours on end. Board games aren't just good fun, either; they can provide benefits you may not be aware of.

Fun Facts About the History of Games

Apart from the plentiful advantages, you might enjoy knowing a few interesting facts about games and how they made an impact on society through the ages:

  • The concept of games on boards have been around for centuries and are still immensely popular today. The first recorded game of this kind most likely originated in Egypt about 3100 BC and was called Senet. You can compare the game to the concept of chess; it has squares and game pieces are moved on top of the board from one square to the next. Players would roll an ancient form of what we know today as dice to see who goes first and how many moves they may make.
  • Scrabble is a classic favourite among people who love games, but it’s more than just an entertaining pastime in certain parts of the world. In African countries, including Mali and Senegal, it is classified as an official sport by the government. There are tournaments held where players travel from around the world to take part competitively.
  • In addition to how classic games have entertained people throughout the years, they may have inspired some household sayings that we frequently use today. According to various sources, the famous expression “back to square one” is believed to have come from the classic well-loved game Snakes and Ladders.

Classic games have long been considered a favourite way to entertain the masses and are just as popular today as they were when they first came along.

The Benefits of Kids Board Games

Now that we know more about the fascinating origins of games, here are some reasons to invest in trivia games, cards, or board games for your nightly family bonding session:

  • Perhaps the most significant aspect of games is that they are all-around great entertainment for both young and old. Thanks to the wide variety of games available these days, there are games for all ages, including options for the entire family to enjoy.
  • Games aren’t just for entertainment either. You can use kids card games to be both entertaining and educational, so you don’t need to compromise on either when choosing a way to keep the little ones busy. Card games can assist with critical thinking skills, social skills, and social skills while efficiently keeping children occupied.
  • Games, including card games, are more than just educational; they are low-maintenance too. They do not require any battery to play, and therefore, a deck of cards will last you for years to come. There is no concern over the constant purchasing of new remotes and batteries to keep the game going. The money you invest when you purchase the game will be the last of your expenses.

Card and board games are entertaining and informative, providing valuable skills to children and adults that they can use in all aspects of life.

What Sets Our Past Times Apart When It Comes to Board Games in Australia

We know that games aren’t just for entertainment. Here’s how we strive to change lives for the better with our game options:

  • Variety of games in stock: Access to variety is imperative when you buy board games, since everyone is unique and has different entertainment preferences than the next person. For this reason, we offer a diverse range of games for you to buy and enjoy with the family. With our options available, you’re bound to find something right up your alley that suits the interests of your entire family too.
  • Educational games available: The games we offer provide entertainment through educational play, assisting your child in staying amused and mentally stimulated simultaneously. You can keep your child’s mind active and assist in developing vital mental skills through games that are as educational as they are enjoyable through our games on offer.
  • Passion for what we do: Our founder knows the importance of games in our daily lives. Not only are our games fun and informative, but they are also an essential part of the bonding process between loved ones. With that knowledge in mind, we stock games that bring all ages closer through amusement.

Regardless of the classic board and card games you’re looking for, our extensive stock is likely to include it.

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