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Our Past Times: Building Models and Developing Young Minds Through Fun

Remember when building models was considered playing? Children today will never know the hours of fun one can have playing with toys that challenge them to think, like in days gone by – or will they? Learning through play is an important element in raising children – even more important today than it was in years gone by. Technology has children the world over glued to their screens, resulting in them missing out on learning so many essential skills that will come in handy later in life.

We are passionate about getting children to learn by playing with toys that challenge them and with which they can interact in a way that helps them develop skills that range from fine motor skills to reasoning and logic. When is the last time your child played with something that does not require batteries or the internet? While these can also aid in learning, nothing can replace a toy that blends theory and practical application.

What You Should Know About Model Boats as Toys

There is a worldwide emphasis on lifelong learning, but no one has said anything about that learning having to be conducted in a classroom. Everything you do in your life is a potential learning opportunity. The same goes for your children. Inspiring their natural curiosity is the key to creating lifelong learners. Teaching them that learning can be fun will ensure that they do not form the opinion that learning is boring.

  • Model building develops a wide range of skills in children, from creativity to spatial awareness and fine motor skills, to problem-solving, logical thinking, and reasoning. These skills will stand them in good stead later on in life when they have to apply them to math, technology, accounting, and other studies.
  • While there are many benefits to technologically advanced games, there are certain skills that your child will need one day that can only be taught through interactive, physical play. We don’t believe the popular belief that some children are simply not able to do math, for instance. Instead, we believe that with the right kind of skill development, they are capable of anything.
  • Building models is something they can do with their friends, which helps to develop social skills and fosters the ability to collaborate with others effectively – another skill that is sure to come in handy later on in life.

What Sets Our Past Times Apart Regarding Model Cars

We offer a wide selection of top-quality educational and developmental toys that can be enjoyed by the whole family. From model trains to jigsaws, puzzles and much more. We are passionate about early childhood development through play. Keeping young minds occupied and growing in a constructive manner is what we are all about.

  • We carry an extensive range of educational toys for babies to toddlers, teenagers, and even adults. Nothing inspires learning in a young mind quite like a hands-on, interactive activity that requires them to think about the next move or placement of a puzzle piece, block, or model part.
  • Our products range from construction and mechanical models to books, building blocks, creative activities like drawing and colouring, craft activities, music games and activities, jigsaws, sensory games, and much more. Our toys provide hours of fun and learning.
  • We are always looking for opportunities to further grow our product range and aid in the positive development of children of all ages.

About Our Past Times

Born out of a disappointment regarding the quality of toys commonly available on the market, Our Past Times has grown into a fully-fledged interactive and educational toy store with hundreds of products available to our customers throughout Australia. Today we share our passion for child development through play with hundreds of parents and children throughout the country.

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