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What Sets Our Past Times Apart When It Comes to Literacy Games

At Our Past Times, we give children the best literacy games to awaken their curiosity for learning. We value the quality of toys and playtime and aim to provide interactive toys with natural materials. We understand how modern technology can affect our daily lives and our children’s developmental skills. So, our focus is to aid by cutting out that screen time and improving their developmental skills.

Benefits of Literacy Games for Kids

Literacy or reading games, such as our Bananagrams, are the perfect addition to family game night as they can benefit adults and children. In addition, it may aid with parents and children bonding while developing problem-solving skills and having fun together.

  • Literacy Games for kids may help develop imagination and creativity; kids can imagine worlds and create problems and solutions with their minds. Allowing this process and encouraging this playtime will help with navigating life and dealing with everyday issues.
  • Playtime can help with emotional and behavioural issues. Playing games with interactive toys is incredibly important for children. As adults, when we are anxious, we do something that calms our minds, such as gardening or watching television. For children, this is playtime. Including literacy games to children’s playtime will create a safe learning space for your child to have fun while learning new skills.
  • Playtime encourages independence in children. During playtime, a child creates their own rules and experiment with their own creativity; this allows them to develop independence and social skills.

Tips for Making Literacy Games Fun for Kids

Literacy Games for kids may be strange to them at first; children don’t like change and strange things, so be sure to include literacy in their lives early on.

  • Practises such as reading to your child every night will help develop their language skills and help with their understanding of literacy. When you pull out your literacy games, they will better understand the surroundings since their understanding of literacy is more advanced.
  • It might be beneficial to display the games and books around the house and at eye level for your child to reach when they want to entertain themselves.
  • As a parent, children will follow in your footsteps. If you are on your phone, your child will want to be on it too. So, the more games you play and read, the more your child will enjoy doing these things. It’s best to lead by example.

Why You Should Buy from Our Past Times

Since 2017 we have been offering children the opportunity to develop new skills through playtime. We aim to create precious memories for you and your kids with our wide variety of products and ensure our interactive puzzles, card games, travel games, and construction kits are ideal for kids of all ages. In addition, we include a range of educational games to ensure your children learn and have fun at the same time.

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