Science Lab – 8 in 1 Optical Illusions Kit

Unleash the magic of optical illusions with our Science Lab 8 in 1 Optical Illusions Kit. Engage and educate your children with mind-boggling activities!

Science Lab – 8 in 1 Optical Illusions Kit

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Experience the magic of visual effects with the Science Lab 8 in 1 Optical Illusions Kit – an extraordinary addition to any science enthusiast’s collection! Designed to captivate children’s fascination with illusions, this kit provides an engaging and educational experience. Prepare for a world of excitement as you journey through the captivating realm of optical illusions.

The Kit offers many mind-boggling activities that awe children. As they construct and observe optical illusion tricks, they gain a profound understanding of the underlying principles. Through immersive and entertaining experiments, children delve into the fascinating world of animation. They discover how colours, lines, and patterns combine to create deceptive images through the interplay of light and movement. Every activity becomes an exhilarating adventure, seamlessly blending learning with enjoyment.

Key Features:

  • Captivates children with a love for visual effects and illusions.
  • Offers a wide range of exciting activities and experiments.
  • Promotes understanding of fundamental principles of animation.
  • Explores the interplay of colours, lines, patterns, light, and movement.
  • Seamlessly integrates learning and enjoyment into a single experience.



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