Imagine That – Fairyland Spray Pen Art

Unleash your child’s creativity with the Fairyland Spray Pen Art set. Let their imagination run wild as they create stunning fairy tale scenes 🖌️✨

Imagine That – Fairyland Spray Pen Art

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With this Imagine That—Fairyland Spray Pen Art set, children can take their artistic talents to a new level as they create amazing, cool, and breathtaking fairy tale-inspired scenes!

These are not typical everyday pens. They have been used a million times before! The Fairyland Spray Pen Art comes with a set of five spray pens. These work by blowing into the top of the pen, and then the ink sprays out!

It is a very cool effect that gives their art a kind of airbrush style. This is an enjoyable way for them to create art and is sure to get them thinking about other ways to create things.

This set is themed around fairy tales. It also comes with a selection of fun stencils; they can use these with spray pens to bring fairies, mermaids, dragons, and more to life!

Key Features:

  • This set comes with five very cool and fun-to-use spray pens
  • Each of the four stencil sheets has astonishing fairy tale-inspired things on them
  • They get to have a lot of fun with the activity book, too
  • These spray pens are way more fun than just using regular pens!
  • Any child that enjoys being creative is going to have a very fun time with this set

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